unique – duo color overlay


Print the first layer, the background as you would.. and take into account that you would have to position it slightly right to ensure the final print is center. Note that this difference will depend on the stencil size that you choose. The final print will have a width of the stencil + the distance between the letters \“u\“ and \“e\“.

Once the base layer and your stencil are dry, position the screen and stencil slightly left. I moved left until I saw the right hand \“border\“ of the respective letters and then moved slightly back to the right ensuring that a small space remains between the letters and the overlay. Pleas refer to below picture.

In case you do not have the file yet, find it here.

Check out my reel on Instagram, where you will find a quick video on how this print is done.

In case of any question – do let me know!



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