Pennant Chain

The pennant chain is a nice detail at many events or in your kids room. Inspired by the \“mini-schultüten\“ – I loved the idea of being able to customize theme and colors using the screenprint set. With a cutting machine the stencils are ready in no time – and with the seam allowance included and shown in the print it\’s a quick and easy project. Have a look at the instructions. If you are curious about the materials and colors used, have a look below the instructions.

You can find the files in my etsy-shop here.

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Print as many stencils as you need. Doing this please note that you need two pattern items per flag. I chose to print the same design on both sides; however as long as the format is the same, you can chose different colors, designs or even a different fabric on the back.  [When using a different fabric, which you do not intend to print on, you can use a cut out printed flag as a pattern.]

The length of bias tape depends on the number of pennats you would like as well as the distance you like between each of them. Further, remember to keep some extra at the ends depending on how and where you want to attach the pennant chain.

The pennants final height of the pennants is is between 13.5 and 14 cm, depending on the used bias tape width. The size can be obviously be adjusted; however, please note that the updated size is intended for a seam allowance of 1cm, which you need to adjust accordingly. Further, please note that the designs have been tested for the chosen size – and may not all be possible to be printed smaller.

Further, please note that you can fit one stencil into an A5 screen, and two into an A4 screen. This comes in handy when you want to print two designs in the same colour (while you can obviously also tape it off :)).

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Once you have printed and heat fixed your pennants, cut the pieces along the indicated seam allowance
As mentioned above, I have used two same designs to proceed
put two per pennant right on right
sew along the sides and bottom, leaving the top open
carefully cut the corners without touching the seam
all cut corners are shown here – remember the bottom middle of the two tip..
now turn your pennants (I ironed them at this point as well)
get your bias tape and measure whether you need to cut anything of the top of your pennant
(for the triangle the small corners need to go regardless of this)
arrange the order of your pennants and attach your bias tape, then sew.. (I did this for all flags in one go, before folding over (see next step).
fold over and sew again across the full length of the bias tape

This is it 🙂 Hope you will have loads of fun with it!

In case you have any questions, please reach out via mail, the contact form or social media.

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