Zoe Zebra – 2 layer print


Welcome to Zoe Zebra – a new slightly intricate file that however works perfect for stencil paper, as it has no lose items.

You can find the file here.

Beware that you will need to cut this stencil with a height of minimum 19 m, due to the level of intricate details. Based on this I used an A4 screen and also stencil paper of A4 dimensions. (Check the picture below to see the space remaining to move your squeege.)

The stencil file set includes 2 versions, as I have tried working with alignment helps.

On the picture you can see that I have put two small items of tape. Prior to printing I checked the desired position and with the squares being in the exact same position in both layers, you print them with the base layer – and use these two squares to help you align the second layer.

I still did check that all the black is positioned on or within the white outline – and there you go…

If you chose the version without alignment help, you basically need ensure that the black remains within and on the white base layer. Use the jaw and neck as orientation points as well.

In case of any questions, you are welcome to contact me anytime!



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