Monster Parade

A few things before getting started:

The monster parade includes 4 different monster, which can be found in my shop as a set or single.

The design is usable for any kind of colors, but has some nice details in case you want to try and effect-ink, such as 3D / puff-ink.

The design consists of 3 layers:

  1. Eyes and teeth
  2. Body
  3. Face, arms and legs

There are two ways to print the eyes and teeth. You can either print them on top of body, meaning as layer 2, or as I did, as I wanted a stronger contrast to the 3D ink that I used:

  • When cutting the stencil, keep the cut out items, especially from eyes and teeth, as they are needed to \“block\“ the printing of the body layer.
  • The reason why I print the eyes before the body is that the body color is expected to be darker, and would cover up any overlaps (if relevant)
  • Check where you have placed the markers, so that you are not covering the legs with the tape

Furthermore, if you are using 3D/puff-ink, please note that

  • you need to use a squeege, which covers the full width of the design
  • pay attention to an even spread of color as 3D/puff-ink is not as forgiving, which becomes visible especially on larger designs)
  • Pay attention to printing on 3D ink edges, i.e. with the third black layer, as the color can bleed if placed across the edge (see picture below).
  • You can print on top of 3D ink – in one of my prints I used 3D neon ink, and added a layer of normal neon ink in the same color on top (that is the stronger neon example that you see in the picture).
Here I am placing the first stencil layer to print the eyes and teeth.
You can see the tape placed to align layers and the printed eyes and teeth
Before printing the next layer I am covering eyes and teeth with the cut out stencils
A small gadget can help with placing the stencil pieces, when your fingers are too big (like mine)
Align the second layer to markers, be careful not to move the cut out pieces
Remove the cut outs before printing the next layer. I used a pincer..
Print the 3rd and final layer. Here you can see how I had not payed enough attention to placing the tape.
It\’s a bit risky, but you can remove the tape and then re-reprint the area right away. Or wait till dry and use a black fabric marker later on.
In this example you can see how the uneven application of 3D ink looks pre-heating.
You can see that after puffing the uneven color applications stays

Hop over to Instagram, if you want to see a video of the print.

And drop me a line in case you have any questions!


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