Let\’s Do This


When printing on shirts I usually mark both the centre, as well as the height, of where I would like the top of the print to finish. Placing the stencils on shirt/fabric prior to printing may help you. (Noting that I mostly print the shirt before sewing it, meaning that I cut the different pieces and then print where desired.)

This print is completed in 3 steps: First print the square background, then print the background behind the \“lady\“, shown in white here. Once you have printed the square background and the background for the „lady“, the challenge is to place the print within the outlines highlighted in red.

Printing the „lady“ and text in one go, helps with the alignment.

Additionally you could draw a line with a trick marker for the text part to ensure perfect horizontal alignment.

For some more details, please refer to the other printing guides, as I was trying and fixing a few things during the printing of this design.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.. either with a comment below, or via a direct note.


Sake of good order, I used on sheet of stencil paper for the square background ond the silhouette background print, and complemented this with a vinyl foil cut stencil.

I folded the remaining silhoutte figure down, when I wanted to print the entire square – and later folded it back up, as I had a correction to make… (you can find more on that here).


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