A Spring Thing


the \“spring thing\“ can be found in my shop here.

The \“spring thing\“ design includes quite a few elements, of which most are easily aligned. Below you will get a short run-through of what to pay attention to depending on which one you would like to print.

The different petals have one thing in common. Their centre is solid – this means that once you have printed the petals as a first layer, the rings (of which there are different versions you can select from) can be aligned with the border of the solid center of the petals (point 2. highlighted in the picture).

When you are printing the middle of the flower, you can either start with a solid color to increase the contrast, or go ahead with the dots, suqares, etc. When printing the solid color, the border matches the inner outline of the ring, similar to how it is shown in highlight 3 with the squares in the middle of the flower.

The one that is in fact most tricky to print are the dots. To make life easier you could mark the centre with a trick marker and aim the most middle dot at same, when printing.

In case of any questions, please make sure to let me know… either via a comment below, a message on mail or instagram.

Looking forward to see what you are creating with the stencil!


A few impressions from my print session, where you see the full centre, the rings that have been aligned on the different flowers…


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